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Telescopic Spreader Beams

Our Telescopic Spreader Beams provide a versatile choice for lifting. Available in a variety of capacities and spans they can be quickly adjusted to suit varying load widths on the go.

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Modular Spreader Beams

Modulift modular spreader beams are made up of separate modules that can be assembled in different configurations to accommodate a variety of load dimensions.

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Spreader Bar End Caps

Our Maxirig spreader bar end caps provide a secure attachment point for slings, enabling customisation of pipe length, thus creating a bespoke lifting beam for specific loads.

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Maxirig equalizers are used to evenly distribute load between 2 sling legs.

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Work Boxes & Rescue Cages

Maxirig work boxes and rescue cages are used for transporting personnel to elevated sites unreachable by traditional scaffold or EWP, and can be used for work or emergency applications.

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Goods Cages

Maxirig goods cages, also known as a materials handling cage, is used for transporting goods or materials to elevated work sites via crane or hoist.

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Materials Handling Solutions

We design and manufacture several lifting devices for specific materials handling applications including drums, pallets and bulk bags.

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