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Modulift CMOD 110 Spreader Frame

Maxirig is a proud distributor of Modulift’s modular spreader frames. Manufactured in the UK to the highest international standards, CMOD 110 achieves a maximum capacity of 140 tonne.

4 point lift frames can be configured up to 16m long x 16m wide.

The product is supplied with the manufacturers Declaration of Conformity including conformance to Australian Standards (AS4991) and other world leading standards.

NOTE: Prior to conducting any operations with this device a lift study must be undertaken noting the capacity and tare weights of the device in its various configurations.

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Maximum WLL:140t (refer load chart)
Maximum size (L x W):16m x 16m (refer load chart)
Struts:MOD 110
Lift Lugs (top) suit:85t Grade ‘S’ safety bow shackle
Load Lugs (lower) suit:55t Grade ‘S’ safety bow shackle
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